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Expression is an album of finding truth with oneself. To reconnect with those hidden feelings you've locked away within yourself. A give you a glimpse of what future self you've always thought you'd be. What you aspire to be. People have lost touch of their true self. Lost sight of what's truly important and mold themselves into the ideals of which others wish to see them as when in all actuality, at the end of the day, they're just destroying themselves in the process of it all. No one  should have to lose themselves to achieve their deepest desires and in today's society it is far too common of an issue to be ignored any longer. No matter how unusual you make seem you should always stay true to yourself and try to define who you are by your own terms. To seek your own truth beyond tradition. Beyond definition and beyond the image. The production may seem dark and twisted at times but extremely honest. That's the type of music you will expect from this Album.


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