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After trial and error, falling ill and having to postpone the release this album is finally on the verge of coming to the finish line. I don't regret a damn thing though, due to the fact that it's everything that I have ever wanted it to be. A special shout out to those who I have met and departed from along the way to getting here! We may not be apart of one another's lives any longer, the season of which you entered my life taught me something and put me on the path to where I am now and thus I became the artist I am now. There were times where I questioned my ambition and whether or not I should even be apart of the entertainment industry, but I never had anything in my life that I did not work hard for and my music is one of those things and it's where I feel like I really belong. I worked too hard to give up and just call it quits when I knew what I had to share with the world and for those who really believed in me. I also learned something very important along this journey and that is that "slow progress is better than no progress". I will reach that finish line no matter what age and what time line I'm in. There are people who may seem like they are okay but trust me they are struggling just as much as you, they just don't want you to know about it. Keep going and one day you will reach your due season! 2020 will be the start of a new journey for me... maybe it can be the same for you too! Keep pushin' my f*ckin' luvlies! Stay smart! Stay fun! Stay f*ckin' sexy! And Rock The F*ck On!

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